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Wow, what a great time!  Christine and I want to thank everyone who came and spent the long weekend with us.  Congratulations to you all, you survived the Kentucky summer.  We hope you come back again.  Here are a few of the comments from the pilots, they sum it up nicely.


Awesome times. I got killed but I had alot of fun. Thanks Bruce, your contest is a “must attend” for any HL pilot.  Everything from the way it was run to the food and amenities was great. The score keepers and other support staff did a wonderful job. It’s amazing Bruce can support 80+ people for three days straight.

Sean Porter

Bruce and Christine did a great job. Thanks for all you did. The field was great and the setup this year was just right. Tents lining the field and 70+ of the best guys in the world hanging out. Ill be back as its just too much fun to miss.

Jeff Carr

Thanks Bruce and crew for a great contest. Most talented field of contestants I have ever flown with. Don’t know how your are going to top this one.

Dick Proseus

Thank you Bruce and Christine and everyone else who made this event such a success. Thanks for providing so well for us foreigners. It was great to meet up with all my US DLG ‘chums’ and make a bunch more. Looking forward to the next one already.  As for the contest, it was a challenging and grueling and very well run event. And Oh that humidity! It sure was energy sapping. I think there would have been a quiet and staggering mutiny in the flyoffs if we were not allowed a break half way through. That was a tough 4 rounds, both competitively and physically. I’m so glad we had ‘little England’ under the trees to go and cool down. I was glad to make the flyoffs in such a competitive field of pilots even if I feel I let myself down in the flyoffs. Congrats to Richard S for winning the main event (as Bruce put it) and for taking second in the flyoffs. Fantastic and consistent flying. And well done Nick for great flying on the second day to haul his a$$ up the rankings. Good job dude! wink.gifI am also very happy we won the team event, getting our names on the coveted Big Cock trophy, which believe is being sand blasted and refinished after Lord C’s close encounter with it… I felt we had a good shot at this so was pretty chuffed that we achieved it. Hopefully we’ll be back next year to defend it.

Michael Stern

Thanks Bruce, Christine, and co.

I had a great time. It was a fun contest with challenging conditions. I liked how much the characteristics of the field changed with wind direction – it kept things interesting!

I liked the organization of the rounds and it was a nice pace.

It was great to see some old friends and meet the guys from overseas. It was great to see some of the top competitors from around the world.

Tom Kiesling

Bruce & Christine, thanks for three great days.

I was wondering what the fortune cookie meant by “luck is coming to you” on Friday night at a Chinese restaurant! On Saturday morning I was woken to thunder and lightning with strong winds at the hotel and upon arriving at the field to discover my canopy was still in one piece I figured that that was all the “luck” I was going to be getting this weekend.

As it turned out my weekend got a whole lot better. I had a great time, didn’t break any planes, I didn’t leave any in the trees and I came home with one more than I arrived with. It can’t get much better than that.

My luck really turned for the better on Sunday afternoon when Bruce called the winner for the brand spanking new Sirius. I am still grinning biggrin.gif I guess it does pay off sometimes to put all your eggs into one basket! I have to give a huge thanks to Jonas and Mattias for donating such an awesome prize to the raffle.

There were some great raffle prizes and all the sponsors and donations for the raffle items have made a fantastic competition even better. Great job guys, I really appreciate it.

Matthew Waldron

Wow…thanks Bruce and Christine! What a great time….I’m still exhausted! The average skill level at this contest is definitely ratcheted up a notch over what I’m used to. The launch heights in the fly-offs were insane. This contest had a really cool attitude….can’t put it into words…”hardcore” comes to mind, though that feels a bit more sophomoric than what I am trying to convey. I’m not sure how the kegs ended up on the back porch. Seems like something Cliff might have had a hand in. Thanks to whoever made those appear. Bruce et al. handled the logistics flawlessly. Dinner on Saturday night was a food orgy suitable for Roman Emperor Caligula.

Don’t know if it is the field, or the conditions this year…but flying was tough. Kept getting reads towards the little outcropping of trees in the valley to the east of Bruce’s house. Every time I went there, I got swatted down. Dave and I started calling it the “suckers corner”. Needed to be really high over those trees to make it work. Just started figuring some stuff out on Sunday….hope I can build on that experience next year.

Try to get to The Bruce next year if you missed it this year. No reason to miss this contest.

Tom Shupe

What a great weekend.

I have never seen that much talent in one place.

The knowledge I took away from this contest was well worth the effort of getting there, not to mention getting to fly at a great field all weekend.

Jody Miller

Bruce, you are the man. The Bruce was and will likely continue to be the Masters of F3K Soaring. This contest had US’s best pilots, and a few of the top dogs from Europe as well. I knew before I got there that this was going to be a tough competition. You ran it flawlessly. I really like how you set up the playlist including the pilot call up. Great idea. We’ll be “borrowin'” that one for the next IHLGF wink.gif The coolest thing about this contest is that not only were the best there to try and win this thing, but everyone else had the opportunity to fly with, fly against, and watch the good guys do their thing. This type of comp. really builds the skills of everyone that shows up.

Speaking of skill building….if you think you have this air reading thing all figured out, plan on attending the Bruce next year, and be prepared to reprogram your mind to the possibilities of how many different ways air can move to make you think there is a thermal there, or trick you into thinking there is one there.  It seemed everyone had a blast. Not even a two hour rain delay could dampen the spirits of the people at the thermal farm. It was hot. It was humid. It was way fun. The only thing I would do differently is get there a day earlier, and stay a day later.  Bruce, count me in for next year’s shindig. Just too great a comp, and too much fun to miss.

Mike Smith

Thanks to all for the congratulations and kind words, this was a huge win for me among friends and I’m still walking tall.

Talk about an amazing contest, Bruce did a fantastic job. Huge thanks to he and Christine for putting it on, I’ll definitely be back and I suggest others put it on the list too.

Craig Greening

Bruce and Christine,

your hospitality doesn’t seam to have any limits. I really apprechiate all the efforts you have put in getting The Bruce to happen and to make it memorable for me.

The trip home to sweden has went well even if it was long. We arrived in a good summer day in Stockholm with 75 F, nice biggrin.gif

It will take some time to process all the impressions from this weekend so more post might show up later. It has been really nice to be part of this years event. I’ve enjoyed it alot and it has been one of my best weekends for a long time. Thanks to all of you who made it happen.

Best regards

Mattias Hammarskiöld

Bruce and Christine thank you so much for hosting such an awesome event. It was definately the best toy airplane contest I have ever attended. Thanks for opening your house and farm up to us all. Your outdoor shower was much appreciated between rounds and even during the break in the flyoffs, this Socal boy does not handle humidity well.

Thanks to all that warned me about the poison ivy in the grass and the chiggers, I just could not wear shoes and socks in the swampy conditions. Even barefoot all weekend I escaped unscathed, lots of bug spray and utilized Bruce’s poison ivy soap as a precaution. Thanks to Gavin for providing us with the Moonshine which allowed me to sleep like a baby for 6 hrs Saturday night which I truely needed after only getting 2 hrs of sleep the night before. Who says you can not drink a quart of shine on top of to many beers to count and wake up chipper? Thanks to Atlanta Hobby for the kegs of beer, mmm mmm good! This was truely a social event and is what make The Bruce unique.

TC thanks for putting down the beers early and grabbing me from the airport on Thursday night. Kenny thanks for waking up at 4:00 am and driving me to the airport Sunday morning.

The contest…super challenging conditions that were unpredictable and extremely difficult to fly. Launch height was extremely important to get above the trees that surrounded the field and work the light lift. I wanted to break my teamate Thomas Kiesling’s knee so he could get a thrower that could at least clear the top of the trees. Great flying with you TK and it was great to have a world class caller to give me input and verify my reads.

Paul Anderson

Let me start by thanking Christine, the awesome wife of “The Bruce” that allowed “The Bruce” invite 78 of his flying Buds to hang out and fly at their home.

Thank you both for everything, I had a fantastic time and thank you for hosting the contest! You guys are awesome!

This is hands down the best DLG contest I have ever been too and can’t wait to get off the waiting list for next year’s contest.  The contest run smoothly and was the most enjoyable DLG contest I have ever been to.

Saturday and Sunday saw some amazing flying by a large number of pilots, great to see the level of competition getting stronger!

Seeing TK working small lift from below the tree line all weekend was inspiring.

Thomas Cooke

I absolutely love Bruce’s field. Yes it could be flatter, yes it could be in San Diego so I could just drive there….But the layout makes for the best DLG/Soaring conditions there are. It is provides the gambit of conditions over any 2 day period. The geography and topography provide for advanced conditions and strategies challenging the best in the world to see who comes out on top. Above all else, it is Bruce’s back yard.

David Klein

Chiggers, Poison Ivy (yes I got both) along with good local beer, moonshine, donkeys, old fart birthday parties, lightning, tornado warnings, fireworks, big guns, good friends a big red “Tin” cock and the most challenging and quickly changing air is what it is all about in Ky. I just love it. This DLG stuff on the thermal farm is the crack Cocaine of RC and I hope I am invited back for more! (thank you sir I’ll have another)

The Bruce and Christine, you two went above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome in your home. You are very special folks and what a great home you have. You are welcome in my home anytime and I appreciate being invited to play and learn.

Cliff Whitney

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