The team event

The tin cock is up for grabs again to the best 2 man team.  When you register you will find a spot to enter who your partner is.  This year there will be no geographical restrictions on who you can partner with.  The team score will include ALL preliminary scores including throw-out rounds.


I will have hand made awards for 1-2-3 place in the preliminary rounds and a take home miniature cock trophy for the team champs.  The top 10 pilots will compete in the 4 round fly-off for personalized commemorative awards.  will sponsor the middle of the pack award.

Arm Soar Gliders is sponsoring a middle of the pack award.  Some lucky pilot will receive a brand new molded DLG!

Radio Carbon Art will donate an instructional DVD set to the 3 pilots at the bottom of the scoresheet.

Soaring USA has once again put a bounty on the Stobel.  If you fly one into the top 10 he will hit you with $100.  Win the flyoffs with a Stobel and you get a big fat check for $500!


You will find there are many payment options on the registration page but my preferred method is a personal check.  It is kinda hidden at the bottom of the registration page as payment options, click it.  Your entry fee will include lunch on Saturday and Sunday as well as the Banquet Dinner on Saturday evening.  Entry fee is $115.00

Location and Directions

The contest will be held in Bruce Davidson’s backyard at 1069 Moody Pike in Shelbyville, KY 40065.


The Bruce F3K Field from high above

The Bruce F3K Field from high above


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Moody Pike is a narrow farm road that routinely hosts livestock, humans and slow moving tractors so please be careful and drive slowly. The last several miles of your route will be through small towns and they are serious about the speed limit so pay attention and drive carefully.

Please visit my Sponsors pages and buy something, they got what you need!

Horizon Hobby

Soaring USA

Atlanta Hobby

Mercury Adhesives

Momentum Model Technologies

Radio Carbon Art

Arm Soar Gliders

Atlanta Hobby and Mercury Adhesives will once again sponsor the repair zone.  My workshop will be stocked with all the tools, glues and materials you need for any field repair.

Pilots raffle

There are some great items coming in this year from molded DLG kits to all sorts of electronics.  Each plot will get one raffle ticket in the registration packet.  You can place in the box of the item you want to win.  There will be no other ticket sales so your chances are really good to get what you want.  The drawing will be held on Saturday evening at dinner.  Good luck!

Hotels and Lodging

There is plenty of room on the property if you want to camp.  Camping is the best way to get the full effect of The Bruce.  There will be breakfast available in my kitchen every morning along with a tip jar for you to hit.  You are also welcome to use my showers.

Click on the Hotels and directions tab for more information.

Flying in?

You have 2 options, Flying into Louisville International Airport, SDF, is about 45 minutes from my house.  You can also check flights into Cincinnati International Airport, CVG.  It is just over an hour from my house.  You are welcome to ship you model box to me at my business.  Sandy’s Pet Shop  1421 Hess Lane  Louisville, KY 40217.  I will bring it to The Thermal Farm for you and I will gladly ship it back to you after the contest.


Saturday and Sunday lunch will be provided with registration.  After flying Saturday evening we will have a dinner banquet at the historic Claudia Sanders Dinner House, the dinner banquet is included with your ticket price.

Official RCGroups Thread

The Bruce 2011 @ RCGroups

Chiggers, yea we got em.  All mosquito repellants will repel most bugs including chiggers.  Apply it to your skin every morning and you have no worries.  If you do get bit try your best not to scratch it.  Wash the area and apply your favorite anti itch medication as soon as possible.

Everything known about chiggers is here

About The Thermal Farm

Finally it all comes together. Back in late 2003, My wife and I decided it was time to move and I thought what better time than now to find the place we want to grow old in. We found a realtor and told her that we wanted more than 10 acres with a piece of crap house on it so we could build what we wanted. The first place she showed us was 21 acres with an unfinished house on it. The outer walls and roof were done and the current owner had run out of money and luck and was entering foreclosure. Well it was a great price but way over our budget with the needed renovations…so we bought it. It took nearly a year to finish things before we moved in. With the help of friends and family we did all the work ourselves and ended up with a house we designed and built ourselves, truly unique. By the end of 2008 we managed to get caught up financially and got a tractor to properly manage the flying field. This spring I am looking forward to seeing the short grass fill in the 100 yard by 100 yard flying field right in the middle of the property.